The Interface Team: In Conversation

Meta XVI Milestones-14

      The guestbook, navigation, and security of a gallery serve a level of direction for the public to perform in the space. They are conventional features that indicate for example what not to touch, to begin on the right and not the left, and also inspire some sort of concluding and reflective moment. In taking these elements into META XVI, this year’s Interface team has been working towards creating them into platforms for conversations. Our projects surround conversations from a global, local, and direct scale and will be featuring current platforms such as Twitter. We have been experimenting and conducting a number of prototypes to ensure our work is inclusive and legible amongst everyone. The concept of conversations is what we have predominantly focused on because understanding and explaining New Media Art has its challenges and we can speak of this from past experiences. We understand that the attendance of visitors will range from a variety of people who know a lot to little about New Media. Therefore, reshaping these structures will help build towards a positive experience that will in turn inspire and engage people in the space. We want everyone to feel welcomed and excited to get involved with the artwork and leave META XVI informed and inspired.

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