Bringing the World of New Media into the Classroom


Amanda School Visits-3
      As the educational outreach coordinator for META XVI, I had the opportunity to visit some schools around Toronto to not only spread the word about the upcoming art show, but to educate students about the world of new media.

      Ranging from grades 6 to 11, a team of volunteers and I entered the classrooms of Don Mills Middle School, Northview Heights Secondary School and The York School, all of which had creative students who were engaged in learning what new media is all about. Albert Cuartero (Back End Interface Programmer) and I led an interface design exercise with the students. Liat Algranti, a third year new media student, showcased an interactive game as well as some of her art works.  We also held a Q&A panel for the grade 11 students at Northview Heights S.S.

Amanda School Visits-2

Amanda School Visits-1

Amanda School Visits-4

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