Art in Progress – How Artists Face Obstacles

Meta XVI Milestones-49
     Every year, META pushes young artists to help develop their skills in creating thought-provoking pieces that challenges traditional art. This not only helps make their goal and vision easier to achieve, but it will also allow them to overcome obstacles, and hone the skills that they are developing. Here is a sneak preview of what the artists have been working on so far:

Meta XVI Milestones-29 Meta XVI Milestones-20Meta XVI Milestones-16Meta XVI Milestones-14 Meta XVI Milestones-12 Meta XVI Milestones-10 Meta XVI Milestones-6Meta XVI Milestones-5 Meta XVI Milestones-2 Meta XVI Milestones-1 Meta XVI Milestones-38 Meta XVI Milestones-51 Meta XVI Milestones-72 Meta XVI Milestones-74 Meta XVI Milestones-80Meta XVI Milestones-79

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