10 Tips On Shining Up Your Portfolio

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      Portfolio interviews can be scary, especially if you don’t know how to package your work. Here are a couple of tips from Alex Alter on how to polish up your portfolio before your next interview.

1. Always try to create that “WOW moment”
Your goal when you show your portfolio to your next employer is to have them remember you as the one that stood out from the crowd. Always aim to create that everlasting first impression with your employer.

2. Can’t just show everything you want
Make sure your portfolio is curated appropriately, the last thing you want is to show corporate work to an employer who is looking for lifestyle work.

3. Your portfolio packaging is crucial
Packaging is everything. Seduce the other person by what you’re going to show, make them believe in your ability to make things aesthetically pleasing.

4. Black portfolios are too standard
Stand out from the crowd. Its better to be unique than bland. So add colour to your portfolio.

5. Business cards
Incorporate the same colour scheme in your business card as your portfolio. Every part of what you show counts, and having unity and consistency with your packaging including your business cards will give a sense of wholesomeness.

6. Host your work online!
Everything is moving onto the internet and so should your work! It is easier to stay in touch with previous businesses and gain referrals when your work is easily accessible.

7. Digital works
If your projects are digital based (video, websites, 3D models, etc…), then invest in an iPad or a tablet. Tablets are more effective than laptops as it is much easier to pass back and forth between you and your employer.

8. Personalized Labels
Adding personalized labels when you send anything to businesses will make it easily identifiable.

9. Logos 
A well thought out personal logo will always leave a strong impression, make sure it is unique, simple, yet effective.

10. Trends is your friend
Do your research and gain inspiration on the latest design trends.There are numerous ways to design your portfolio, get out there and don’t be afraid to try new things!



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