META XVI Takes Over the Streets of Toronto

Dundas Square AD

There are three aspects integral to exhibiting artwork: the creation, the exhibition and the reception. The artist creates the piece, in hopes of exhibiting it to an audience. Without an audience to experience the work, it does not fulfill its full potential. This is where the Outreach Team comes in. Our intention is to promote META XVI, the artists, and New Media through different channels. We begin by identifying target audiences, coming to the conclusion that families, friends and even our peers are the easy demographic to target. However, the industry, local media, and the general public are the challenge.

New Ad Ad

      To spread awareness of the exhibition, we have secured sponsorships with companies such as New Ad for billboard posters around Toronto and Clear Channel for the digital screen at Yonge and Dundas Square. These campaigns are currently running and will last until the start of the exhibition. In addition, digital screens throughout the buildings in Ryerson University have been broadcasting our promotional animation as well.

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We have also received sponsorship from
blogTO. They have our banner circulating in the advertising space posted beside or under their articles that link to the event page. Last week, they also mentioned META XVI in an article of the top 8 events to see Toronto’s future creative stars: Top 8 Events to See Toronto’s Future Creative Stars.


Blog TO Ad

      We also have received sponsorship from Akimbo – they will tweet about us and mention us on Facebook. On Wednesday April 6th, they will send out a newsletter blast to Akimbo subscribers about the opening reception of META XVI.

For further coverage of the exhibition, The Eyeopener will be covering the opening reception, and will soon interview the artists and curators of META XVI.

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