Our venue: The Gates

The venue is one of the most important decisions we, as the curatorial team, had to make for META XVI. With so many options available to us in downtown Toronto, we wanted to ensure that we chose a space that was both suitable for displaying a range of different art works as well as a space that was easily accessible for our visitors. After exploring several venue options situated in different neighborhoods of Toronto, we ended up choosing a venue that’s close to home. This year META will be taking place at The Gates located on campus at 66 Gerrard Street East. In previous years, META has taken place quite far from campus and data indicated that a majority of the Ryerson community did not make the journey to visit the exhibition. This is not the result we want to generate as the producers of this year’s exhibition as one of our main goals is to raise awareness of this event particularly within the Ryerson community. We feel that this location will encourage the students and faculty of Ryerson to visit the exhibition, explore the art works, and really see what META is all about.


The Gates -191


The Gates -2

As you can see, The Gates venue consists of mostly exposed brick and we think bringing new media art into a space like this will create an interesting contrast. We are excited to embrace and work with the aesthetic of the venue in order to create a unique exhibition experience for our visitors.

In regards to exhibition design, the layout at The Gates provides us with a variety of options due to its open concept layout. The pillars give us the ability to section space off if necessary, as well as giving us the opportunity to guide our audience through the exhibition. The final selection process of the art works takes place Friday March 18, 2016 after which we can begin designing the exhibition within the parameters of The Gates and really start to bring META XVI to life.


The Gates -21

The Gates -23

The Gates -3 copy



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