3 Apps to Defend Against Data Collection

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Making the Invisible, Visible

      We all know our online data is being collected, but do you know by who? This blog post will hopefully highlight the perils of corporate data collection and apps to help combat it.

We live in a digital economy, this means majority of our lives are documented online. Due to this, if somebody were to hack into your online accounts and destroy your background the impact would be devastating. A real threat of this is, an insurance company could see you had researched illnesses with their third party trackers and then refused to cover you. Whether it is through third-party cookies or other trackers that follow you site to site, be warned your information is being taken without your knowledge and there can be consequences.

Thankfully you can combat this! Those sneaky trackers can hide no more, the following 3 apps protect you by making the invisible, visible.

 1. Ghostery 

Ghostery is a fantastic browser plugin that exposes who is tracking you. It will reveal on average most trackers are third-party sites. Beyond visualizing who is tracking you, Ghostery gives you the ability to clock specific trackers, or even entire sites from collecting your metadata. Thankfully, Ghostery is available on every browser and device. If you are at all curious or concerned about data collection, Ghostery is a must have.

You can download the Ghostery browser plug-in here

2. Disconnect 
Disconnect is a web-plugin that offers multiple ways to fend off would-be hackers. Firstly, Disconnect offers tools to protect your data from trackers who could collect it for criminals or corporations. Furthermore cellphones can reveal where your home is, and more importantly, when you are not home. Disconnect can create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that will encrypt such information.

You can download the free version or pay for the Premium version of Disconnect here.

3. Lightbeam

Lightbeam is an add-on created for the Mozilla Firefox browser. This add-on visualizes all the first party websites you visit, and connects the third-party trackers to them. If you are curious about which sites you visit generate the most third-party trackers then give Lightbeam a test.

You can download the Lightbeam for Firefox add-on here.

Hopefully using any or all 3 of these great apps will make your trips on the web safer.

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